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     Matt and Marian Britten began the greenhouse operation in 1947 after Matt served in WWII with the second infantry. It all started with a belief in family, friends and a lot of hard work.

     Matt originally raised gladiolas. He sold them from the fields and incorporated a farmers' market. Matt and Marian built the first greenhouses shortly thereafter. In addition to the greenhouse business, Britten's soon incorporated a full line Nursery, Florist Shop, FTD, Landscaping, and the well known pony farm. During this time the entire Britten family, of seven daughters, was involved in the Greenhouse. When the seventh daughter graduated form High School in 1982, marking the end of the "Good Help" (free), Britten's downsized to doing what they did best... the Garden Center!

     In 1982, upon the retirement of founders, Matt and Marian Britten, their daughter Ellen Britten-Karow and her husband, Keith Karow, purchased the greenhouse. Today Britten's Greenhouse employees five part-time seasonal people. Gardeners like yourselves, our staff is eager to share our knowledge and work in the soil at every opportunity. We share the common love of gardening with you!

Our Story

Over 70 Years and Still Growing Strong!

"We want to give a special thank you to our family and friends for their faith in us. And a special thanks to all of our loyal and new customers for driving the extra mile to see us. You are the reason we are here enjoying what we do!"

- Ellen Britten-Karow

Matt & Marian Britten

Founders of Britten's Greenhouse


Keith Karow & Ellen Britten-Karow

Owners of Britten's Greenhouse


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